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To get the best from your carpet

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An easy way to protect your new carpet is to place a doormat at the entrance to a room or even a left over piece of carpet. Remember that these mats need to be cleaned regularly, otherwise they will not prevent the transfer of dirt and grit to your carpet. Your vacuum cleaner must be well maintained in order to be effective. Belts and brushes or beater bars need to be in good condition and correctly adjusted for height. Filters and dust bags need to be emptied and washed or replaced depending upon the type of cleaner.

Vacuum cleaning

• Bissell OxyKic

• Woolclean

• Stikatak's Carpet Stain Remover

• SCOOP up solids before cleaning

• BLOT out as much liquid as possible using a clean white absorbent towel

• CLEAN with the correct cleaning agent

• APPLY the cleaning agent onto a clean towel - not directly to your carpet

• RINSE with cold or lukewarm water

• BLOT DRY with an absorbent towel or use a cold air fan to complete drying

We stock the following cleaning products

Spot and stain removal

Keep your carpet looking as good as new with regular cleaning and routine maintenance. Regular care and attention for your carpet will not only keep its appearance but make it last longer too. It will prevent the build-up of soil, grime and dirt, which means you need to clean less frequent.

Carpet care

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