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•  Impartial advice - no sales patter

•  Decipher technical language

•  Get the correct carpet for you

•  100% free advice

•  Based in Newcastle

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Alongside our provision of well-made carpets and floors, we also provide a free, impartial consultation service to ensure you get a carpet or floor that is matched to your specific taste and needs, not our sales needs.


Impartial advice with no hidden agenda

We follow an Office of Fair Trading-approved consumer code that ensures we direct you toward the purchase of a carpet you really need, to suit your home and lifestyle.

Professional advice

The perfect carpet

Receive fantastic advice while selecting your flooring or carpet from M E H, call 0191 232 6750

Contact us or visit the showroom to get free impartial advice on carpet selection. We'll help you navigate the seemingly overwhelming jargon that comes with carpets and rugs, enabling you to differentiate between different styles and materials and to choose the carpet or rug that will meet your needs.

Informed and professional

Take a look at our superb ranges of carpets, rugs, underlays, and hard and natural floors by clicking on the relevant links.

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